Turn Fish Leftovers into Dinner

Turn Fish Leftovers into Dinner

I say crab cakes, you say fish cakes but can you say mashed potato fish cakes? OK, picture this. You slaved in the kitchen creating the best dinner known to man, pan-fried blackened tilapia with twice-baked potatoes and a delicious helping of broiled asparagus. Yes it was dang good. Fast-forward two nights and you have fish leftovers and potatoes. What do you do? Easy. Throw it all together!

Check out this Crisp Mashed Potato Fish Cakes recipe.

Fish + Mashed Potatoes = Mashed Potato Fish Cakes. It's simple really. So simple that I don't know why they aren't as, if not, more common than crab cakes. They are less expensive than purchasing lump crab meat and easier to assemble as you can just use leftovers. I mean, come on! Have you ever had any leftover lump crab meat? Is there such a thing — it's like a delicacy in this house. So with my mashed potato fish cakes, you get dinner in less than 30 minutes and a pleased (Oh we love you so much, is there anything we can do for you mom?) family. Yes my friends, that is GENIUS!

I HIGHLY suggest not doing this recipe until you have leftover fish and mashed potatoes, because why go through all that trouble to make fish and potatoes just to mash them up? If you need a great flavorful fish recipe please try my Blackened Tilapia. You say cod, I say tilapia. It's like saying tomato in the north or south. It doesn't really matter with these cakes. That is the beauty of this dish. Any fish will do as long as you have some FLAVA! Herbs are great with fish as well as curry and fruity flavors like mango and pineapple. Just be sure you aren't combining mango and lime flavored fish with buttery cheesy mashed potatoes! For the potatoes, try mixing them up and use a garlic mashed potato recipe or perhaps even pesto mashed potatoes. Those would go great with herb-flavored fish! Now that I hope to have your creative juices flowing, let's get in the kitchen and Be Fearless. Remember: My recipe below is from leftovers. Use what you have and be creative. As long as you have the correct measurements as outlined below, you can't go wrong!

Side Note: I like to prepare the patties in the morning so I can can breathe as dinner approaches knowing I already have it all together and just need to cook it. Warning: Don't go overboard and forget that you still need to cook them. DO NOT serve the patties uncooked. Not only is it unsafe but it can cause family members to question your sanity! Just sayin ...

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