The Truth About Your Coffee Addiction

The Truth About Your Coffee Addiction
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The Truth About Your Coffee Addiction

Read on to learn more about the truth behind your coffee addiction.

Marilyn Cornelis at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed 120,000 regular coffee drinkers and published the findings in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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The scientists found six regions in DNA that could explain why some people are very sensitive to caffeine and others aren't.

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They found that two gene variations could be what makes caffeine feel rewarding to some.

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"Most (human) population studies of coffee and heath assume everyone responds to a given amount of coffee in the same way," Cornelis explains. "We know that isn't true and we now have specific genetic variants that we can apply to our studies which will enable us to generate better results."

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For some people it's hard to imagine skipping a cup of coffee even for just one day. Coffee is one of those drinks that many obsess over in a way that seems like an addiction. Well, according to new research, it turns out that a deep love for coffee could actually be linked to your genes. A recent study has been able to isolate the genes that influence a person's love for coffee.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how your genes can affect your taste for coffee.

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