The Trick to Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

The Trick to Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

Ever wonder why your scrambled eggs turn out flat? If they come out dry and crumbly, and totally unappetizing, you'll want to watch the video above.

Getting fluffy scrambled eggs has everything to do with the technique you're using to cook them. You may not be preparing them correctly before you even start cooking, and you could be cooking them at the wrong temperature. Learn this trick to get scrambled eggs right every time!

In the video above, three eggs are used. First, make sure you really whisk the eggs together so there is no separation between the yolks and the whites, and season with salt and pepper so that it's evenly distributed throughout the eggs. Then, you want to add a tablespoon of butter to the pan and add the eggs on low heat (the temperature is super important, and you can add the eggs before the butter is done melting).

With a rubber spatula, you want to slowly pull the egg that's getting cooked in from the sides of the pan toward the middle, which will create a fluffy egg. (Don't stir too much or you'll get dried out eggs.)

Now, you need to know when to pull them off the heat. They'll continue to cook after you remove them, so take them off just before they're done cooking.

Watch the video above to see the technique you should use to get perfectly scrambled eggs every time. Then, check out the slideshow below to discover other reasons why you may be cooking eggs all wrong!

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