The Trendiest Vegetables of the Last 50 Years

The Trendiest Vegetables of the Last 50 Years
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The Trendiest Vegetables of the Last 50 Years

These ideas, tips, and recipes prove that there's never been a better time to eat your vegetables.

1969: Avocado

The inspiration for the color that defined a decade of appliances.

Image Credit: Romulo Yanes

1982: Beets

Wolfgang Puck paired them with goat cheese, and the duo has been hot and heavy ever since.

Image Credit: Romulo Yanes

1985: Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Their punchy flavor made them instantly addictive. Rampant overuse made them a punch line.

Image Credit: Romulo Yanes

1990: Arugula

Excellent with sun-dried tomatoes.

Image Credit: Ethan Palmer

1993: Asparagus

Steam two spears until limp. Drape over poached salmon. Repeat.

Image Credit: Romulo Yanes

1995: Portobello Mushrooms

Somehow, we convinced ourselves these things taste like steak. (They don't.)

Image Credit: Ashley Rodriguez

2006: Heirloom Tomatoes

One of the first status symbols of the new foodie elite.

Image Credit: Cedric Angeles

2010: Brussels Sprouts

Turns out that when you roast them (with bacon), they taste less like a punishment.

Image Credit: Romulo Yanes

2011: Heirloom Carrots

See: heirloom tomatoes.

Image Credit: Cedric Angeles

2012: Kale

Sauteed, raw in salads, roasted as "chips"...this is the green that conquered menus.

Image Credit: Mike Lorrig


Hear that ruckus? It's the sound of sweet carrots and baby lettuces storming the menus at some of the world's best restaurants. Their co-conspirators? Big-deal chefs like Rene Redzepi and April Bloomfield, who are celebrating produce with a reverence formerly reserved for Wagyu beef. They're turning ingredients that used to be side dishes into centerpieces (even if it does involve some pork now and then--it's not a vegetarian revolution).

Check out the slideshow above to find out ideas, tips, and recipes that prove there's never been a better time to eat your vegetables.

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