Treat Yourself! 8 Amazing Single-Serving Dessert Recipes

Treat Yourself! 8 Amazing Single-Serving Dessert Recipes
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Treat Yourself! 8 Amazing Single-Serving Dessert Recipes

These eight delicious treats are definitely not for sharing--but they're perfect for one!

Cranberry-Apple Crumble for One

How can you make a fruit crumble in the microwave? Typically crumbles are baked in a big dish, with a lot of fruit that needs to be slowly cooked into softness. When you’re only using one apple, however, it will cook amazingly quickly and the crumble topping of butter, sugar and oatmeal becomes as crispy and delicious as if it had been oven-baked. Spiking the apples with a few cranberries adds color and zip to the finished dessert. For the best flavor, use traditional rolled oats, not quick oats.

Image Credit: David Bowers

Peanut Turtle Blondies

This rich and buttery blondie, topped with so many good things, can be ready in less than three minutes. It’s almost dangerously easy to mix up. Salty peanuts are perfect with the melted chocolate and drizzle of caramel, but if you prefer a classic “turtle” with pecans, by all means swap them in. Don’t overcook or your blondie will get tough, and do eat it warm. This is meant to be a quick treat and it doesn’t like to sit around too long.

Image Credit: David Bowers

Single-Serving Triple-Chocolate Brownie

Made in a mug or ramekin, this single-serving brownie will satisfy the strongest chocolate craving. The egg will makes this brownie puff high while cooking, but it hasn’t got a lot of flour in it, so it will sink back to a fudge-like denseness. With cocoa, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, it’s a triple hit of yumminess, but you can swap in nuts, toffee chips or whatever you like. Be careful not to overcook and do eat it warm — maybe topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream?

Image Credit: David Bowers

Single-Serving Oreo Cheesecake

Love cheesecake but don’t want an entire 12-serving cake on your hands? This mini version can be made in a toaster oven for a smaller version of the classic creamy dessert. The Oreo crust adds sweetness and a dark chocolate-y counterpoint to the rich cream cheese, but for a more traditional flavor, you can easily substitute 1 1/2 graham crackers for the cookies. No matter what, chill it for an hour before eating. (And don’t try this microwave: baking is preferable so that the egg in the filling doesn’t become grainy. You want the finished cheesecake to have that rich creaminess you crave.

Image Credit: David Bowers

Mini Strawberry Shortcake

If you wanted strawberry shortcake in a hurry, you could, of course, buy a package of those little yellow cakes at the supermarket and just dress one for yourself. Which is fine, if you like eating a sponge with strawberries on it. Instead, take a few extra moments to pat out a real shortcake — a buttery biscuit with a touch of sugar, almost like a scone. It bakes in minutes in a hot oven (or in the toaster oven, if you prefer). Use a can of whipped cream to top your creation; it will stay fresh in your fridge for weeks, so you can indulge again if you like.

Image Credit: David Bowers

One-Serving Butterscotch Pudding

Skip the boxed mix – there’s no tradeoff of quality for speed in this luxurious pudding recipe. The microwave might have designed solely to make single servings of pudding, it works so well. You could leave out the egg yolk and use skim milk to make this into a skinnier (but still delicious) treat, but don’t skimp on that bit of butter stirred in at the end. It wouldn’t be nearly as good without it.

Image Credit: David Bowers

Single-Serving Monkey Bread

Lots of speedy monkey bread recipes call for a roll of canned biscuits from the supermarket’s refrigerator case. But that’s no good when all you want is a single serving. Instead, buy a package of frozen bread dough from the pastry section of the supermarket freezer. It usually comes two or three loaves to a pack. For a quick treat, you can trim off a lump of dough (a serrated knife works well), let it thaw at room temperature for 10 minutes, and then bake it with cinnamon, sugar and butter for a speedy serving of monkey bread. A lump of fresh pizza dough from the refrigerated case works well, too, and the rest will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Image Credit: David Bowers

Mini Lemon Meringue Pie

If you’re going to make crust, filling and meringue, why not just make a large pie? Because then you’d have to share. This is a real treat, a tiny pie that tastes, perhaps, even better than a slice of a big one. And when it comes to pie, it’s definitely faster and easier when you keep things small. You could use a quarter of a pre-rolled refrigerated pie crust, trimming it to fit your ramekin or mini pie pan. But you can also mix up a little ball of pastry in moments. The secret to keeping this speedy? Beat the egg whites and make the filling while the crust bakes, then pour the hot filling into the hot crust, slather on the meringue and pop it back in the oven. If you let the crust cool, you have to let the filling cool as well or the crust gets soggy. When everything is hot, you can move more quickly — and eat your little pie that much faster

Image Credit: David Bowers


Need a little something sweet now? We've got you covered with these ridiculously easy (and adorable!) single-serve dessert recipes. Perfect for whenever cravings strike, these delicious treats are definitely not for sharing.

To view the absolute perfect single-serve sweet treats, check out our slideshow above!

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