The Top Food Trends for 2015

The Top Food Trends for 2015
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The Top Food Trends for 2015

Want to know what you'll be eating in 2015? Read on to discover the food trends experts predict you'll see in stores and at restaurants next year.

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New Trend: Local Grains

Kara Nielsen, the culinary director of brand development company Sterling-Rice Group (SRG), told CBS News that freshly milled and locally grown grains are "the next level of local." Consumers want to know how their grains are grown and produced, and Nielsen predicts that as the trend picks up steam they start milling their own grains at home.

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New Trend: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables

No longer are shoppers looking for picture-perfect produce. Consumers are more aware about the problem of food waste, and they're open to cooking and eating odd-looking fruits and vegetables, especially for dishes where looks don't matter.

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New Trend: Hop-Free Beers

Are you over the IPA beer craze? According to Sterling-Rice Group, brewers are taking inspiration from medieval times to create hop-free beers that use herbs, spices and other plants to infuse unique flavors. We're dying to know what beer flavored with mushrooms, sassafras or rosemary tastes like!

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New Trend: 24/7 Groceries

Consumer trend-watcher Phil Lempert predicts online grocery shopping and same-day delivery will expand beyond major cities and go mainstream. Now, e-commerce businesses like Peapod, Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh and Instacart make delivery of perishables to your door easy.

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New Trend: Authentic Asian

Watch out for "spicier and funkier" Asian food that's more authentic, such as Northern Thai cuisine, Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes, and the tangy Filipino flavors, reports Sterling-Rice Group.

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New Trend: Smoked Everything

Smoking is not just for meats. Phil Lempert predicts smoked vegetables, butters, cocktails and other non-traditional foods will become immensely popular over the next year.

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New Trend: Matcha

According to Sterling-Rice Group, matcha will become next year's superfood as businesses roll out consumer-friendly formats of the healthy green tea drink. It's a more souped-up version of green tea, with more nutrients and less caffeine, so what's not to love?

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New Trend: Nutritional Info at Your Fingertips

Phil Lempert highlights the use of apps to discover the nutritional information of the food on your plate instantaneously. New apps make it possible to calculate the carbs, fats, protein and calories in your meal with the scan of a barcode or by inputting the ingredients.

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New Trend: Coconut Sugar

Consumers are seeking healthier alternatives to white sugar, and Sterling-Rice Group predicts coconut sugar is the top sweetener. It's less processed, has a lower glycemic index and more nutrients than white sugar!

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What will be next year's big superfood? What new sweetener will be flying off shelves? And will you be drinking hop-free beer?

The food trend predictions for 2015 may surprise you. From the new cuisine that will challenge your palate to a grocery shopping experience all at your fingertips, find out what food trends should be on your radar right now.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the top food trends of 2015.

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