A Top Chef Thanksgiving


Kitchen Daily had a chance to talk to recently-eliminated Top Chef contestant Jeffrey Jew today. While his time on Bravo's Top Chef came to a close on last night's episode, we got him to dish on his best advice for everyday chefs, the one ingredient he can't live without and what he's cooking for Thanksgiving next week.

First of all, we wanted to know what it was like to cook in the Top Chef kitchen. Jeffrey said, "Overall, my experience on the show was all positive." However, he did admit that being in the Top Chef kitchen was a lot of pressure and took him out of his comfort zone. "It's called the top chef kitchen for a reason."

Jeffrey told us that the biggest mistake most people make in the kitchen is "following the recipes to a T, except when baking. Baking is such a scientific thing, you should always follow the recipes." For cooking, however, Jeffrey advised that chefs should "let loose and follow your imagination when following a recipe." He believes that thinking outside the box will help people have more fun with cooking.

We couldn't wait to find out what one ingredient this 35-year-old chef can't live without. The answer? Jeffrey loves hot food. And he loves cooking with Cholula hot sauce!

Our last question for chef Jeffrey Jew? His Thanksgiving plans, of course! We found out that Jeffrey does a three-course menu for about 30 of his family members and friends every year, and while he hasn't gone shopping for any of the ingredients yet, he has a good idea of what he'll serve. He's been doing this Thanksgiving dinner for the past five or six years.

Want to know what an experienced chef cooks for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? He's planning on root vegetables, roast turkey, roast duck, stuffing and his mom's delicious rum cake.

Check out the slideshow above to find similar recipes you can make for your own Thanksgiving feast.

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