The Top 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

The Top 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

We know what's good, but what's best when it comes to cancer fighting foods? According to Rebecca Katz, an expert on the role of food in supporting optimal health, one of the biggest cancer fighting foods might be hiding right under our noses.

Mint, the leafy and delightfully fragrant green herb we sparingly use as a garnish on our dishes, has some surprisingly powerful benefits. The herb contains tons of phytochemicals that are really good at "turning the master cancer cell switch off," Katz explains. It is one of several foods that should be consumed during cancer treatment to maximize treatment benefits and minimize side effects from drugs.

Eating the right foods could be the key to surviving whatever ails you. Want to learn what other foods Katz recommends to help fight against cancer? Besides mint, her top four picks includes some of our favorite cruciferous vegetables that are also packed with healthy phytochemicals. The three vegetables she chose have enough phytochemicals to "truly create that inhospitable environment for cancer cells to grow," she says, and in addition they are particularly effective for fighting breast cancer.

Rebecca Katz is a consultant, speaker, teacher and chef who works with health and wellness professionals to use food to support medical treatment.

Watch the video above to discover Rebecca Katz's four picks for the best foods to fight cancer.