Top 3 Worst Vintage Food Recipes

Top 3 Worst Vintage Food Recipes

Everyone likes to pull out the recipe book during the holiday season, but be sure to skip these three recipes this year. WGN News dug into the archives to uncover three recipes from 1970's vintage ads that may have been popular decades ago, but are clearly out-of-fashion for modern taste buds.

Anybody can make strawberry jello, but how about Miracle Whip jello? Injecting a tangy and creamy mayonnaise-like salad dressing into a molded gelatin dessert sounds like a recipe for disaster, yet that's what a vintage Knox gelatin ad purported as the recipe du jour. Line the edges of the plate with sliced ham and cheese for perfect party presentation.

Forget pumpkin pie. Anyone in the mood for a slice of vegetable salad pie? A vintage Veg-All ad suggests mixing their canned mixed vegetable with lemon gelatin as the filling for a "Pie Plate Salad." The recipe suggests garnishing the pie with tartar sauce or salad dressing, pimiento and lettuce.

What's up with the mystery meat product Prem? Unlike its competition (think Spam), Prem claims to be different because it adds more than one meat to the assortment. It's a mix of pork and tender beef; opening up a can opens up a world of "ready-cooked, flavory eating."

Watch the video above to see the top three worst vintage food recipes for the holidays.

Image Credit: Getty Images