Tonight's Dinner, Tomorrow's Sandwich

Tonight's Dinner, Tomorrow's Sandwich

Let's not talk about today's lunch; let's talk about tonight's dinner, and how it's going to get reincarnated as a sandwich.

Because if you plan a little bit ahead, and you have some bread somewhere in your general vicinity, you'll have leftovers that slip perfectly between two slices, going from night to day just as smoothly as that kicky sweater goes from day to night.

Here are seven dinners that you can make tonight and then repurpose as tomorrow's sandwich. Be wary of saucy ingredients; if you want to play it safe, pack everything separately and assemble deskside to avoid soggy bread.

Check out the slideshow above for seven great leftover ideas.

Tonight's Dinner, Tomorrow's Sandwich
No-Knead Sandwich Bread
Mustard from Scratch

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