Tomatoes: Get 'Em While They're RIpe

Tomatoes: Get 'Em While They're RIpe

I think pretty much everywhere in the country now tomatoes are bountiful. The problem is, for most places, tomato season ends quickly. One day the markets have ripe, luscious bright red tomatoes and then all of a sudden, none. That is when I realize summer is really over. Not back to school, not a new month on the calendar, nor the celebration of Labor Day. Just the absence of tomatoes!

So I highly urge you to stop what you're doing and go out and buy some local tomatoes. Now. Because they will gone before we know it! And one of the best ways to use those tomatoes is to make a fresh tomato basil soup. The best part of this soup is that it freezes really well. You'll be able to enjoy the taste of ripe, luscious tomatoes for the months to come!

This version of tomato basil bisque is special because it is super healthy and very low calorie. No heavy cream, butter or half and half are needed. The base of the soup is simply fat-free chicken stock (I always go organic). Fresh tomatoes, sweet vidalia onion, a tiny bit of garlic and roughly chopped fresh basil are added. Top the bisque off with a bit of parmesan if you dare. Make this before the tomatoes disappear where you live!

Check out this Fresh Tomato Basil Bisque recipe.

Use extra tomatoes to make our Minted Tomato, Onion & Glazed Tofu Kebabs or Moroccan Vegetable Soup (Chorba).

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