Tips for Making the Best Pie

Tips for Making the Best Pie
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Tips for Making the Best Pie

Learn how to perfect pies with these simple tips!

Not the prettiest pie on the table? Try brushing the top of your crust with egg wash to create a glossy glow. To make egg wash, combine a beaten egg with water, cream or milk.

Does your pie have air space between the filling and the crust? Precook or cut the fruit you use for filling into smaller pieces to help eliminate the gap.

Here's a tip: when slicing your pie, make sure it is completely cooled first. If not, the pie may start to run ruining all of your hard work!

For fruit filled pies, make sure to choose firm fruit to avoid a mushy slice. Choose fruit in season for an even better and richer taste!

There's a crack in my pie! Avoid cracks by baking certain types of pie at a cooler temperature. Try 375 degrees to ensure a smooth top layer.

Soggy on the bottom? To avoid a soggy crust, make sure you are using the correct pan and avoid under-baking.

Deep-Dish Apple Pie

Now put those tips to use with this decadent apple pie recipe.

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Blackberry and Summer Apple Pie

If you want something a bit more adventurous, try this apple-filled pie which also features delightful blackberries.

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Key Lime Pie

Apple not your favorite? Impress your friends with this key lime pie recipe that is to die for.

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Every time you try to bake a pie, do you find yourself running into problems? We're here to help with tips and tricks to help you overcome any pie obstacle.

Whether it be a crack on the surface or a soggy bottom layer, we have simple solutions and quick fixes to make your pie picture-perfect. Whichever filling flavor you love, these rules of thumb will help make summer pies even more magical.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how your pies can reach perfection.

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