Throw A Party Like The Zakarians

Throw A Party Like The Zakarians
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Throw A Party Like The Zakarians

Keep the party rolling with these party tips from Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian.

Mix-and-Match China

If you want to make your table feel fun and fresh every time you entertain, try mixing and matching china with different patterns, Margaret offers.

Rent Away

If you still feel like you need a change or just want to decorate your table with something really special, consider renting your china and silverware.

Unique Cocktails

"Have a special cocktail ready to go for your guests upon arrival. It gets everyone something in their hands right away and makes everyone feel a little more comfortable. Also, have a large ice bucket with a few wines in it or a special champagne as an alternate to the cocktail," the Zakarians recommend.

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Hors d'Oeuvre

If its a smaller affair where you are cooking and people may be gathering around your kitchen, make an hors d'oeuvre that's fragrant or easy to pick up with your hands. People want to grab it as soon as it is coming out of the oven! A flatbread with bacon on it is an excellent pick for something like this. You can cut it into many small pieces as well. Don't hesitate to buy the raw dough ready to go from a local bakery or store.

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Wine And Menus

To take it up a notch for a dinner party, splurge for four courses instead of three and pair a specific wine with each course. A sommelier from your favorite restaurant could help you make the wine selections. In addition, take the time to print out a special menu for each place and have the person's name at the top. This cuts out the need for place cards and can double as a special memento of the evening for people to take home. Check out Paper Presentation for nice quality paper on which to print.

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In the powder room, burn a Dyptique candle. They having great holiday scents but for something more year-round, choose the Baies or the Figuier.

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Hang Prints of Vegetables

Get food on all of your guests' minds by framing and hanging beautiful prints of vegetables.

Party Favors

Have a nice packaged treat for your guests to take on the way home. This can be a small ornament for their tree or a few homemade cookies or something you picked up from a bake shop. It is a nice polished touch to the end of an evening. Set them on a big tray near the door so you don't forget to give them out!


The holiday season is filled with parties, and if you are looking for great entertaining tips, you've come to the right place.

With acclaimed restaurants like The Lambs Club and The National, Geoffrey and Margaret Zakarian are experts in all things food and celebration. Fortunately, they've shared some great tips to make sure the party runs smoothly.

Check out the slideshow above for Zakarians' expert secrets to entertaining.

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