Three Tips for Baking with Butter

Three Tips for Baking with Butter

Most baking requires butter as an ingredient, and chances are you just melt it and mix it when the directions on the recipe tell you to. What you probably aren't aware of is that there are a few things you can do to your butter to make it a stand-out ingredient in your next baked good!

Cookbook author and blogger David Lebovitz shares three awesome secrets that he uses when using butter in his baking. These tricks are particularly great for making his bay leaf pound cake with orange glaze super flavorful, and they're tips you can use at home too!

1. First, David melts the butter rather than creaming it. He indicates that this will make the cake more moist.

2. Then, he infuses bay leaves in the butter. He says that when you add it to the butter, it helps draw out flavor from the bay leaf and makes the butter itself more flavorful.

3. David then creates a cone with parchment paper that allows him to pipe softened butter on top of the pound cake before it bakes. As the cake bakes, the top rises and develops a crevice that's beautifully golden brown.

Watch the video above to learn David's tips for using butter when baking. Then, check out the video below to learn 7 deliciously easy baking hacks you should try!