These DIY Champagne Bar Ideas are Perfect For Weddings

These DIY Champagne Bar Ideas are Perfect For Weddings

A wedding is an occasion to celebrate. What could be more momentous than sharing your love and commitment with friends and family? While there are many ways to celebrate a wedding, it's pretty classic to enjoy champagne, which is, after all, a bubbly drink enjoyed during special occasions.

The good new is that it's easy to create your own champagne bar for your wedding without overspending. Try making your own rustic champagne spritzer and pouring it into a pitcher or dispenser. This is a prettier look than a basic punch bowl. Display garnishes like raspberries for the guests to add. The ever-present masion jar is a really fun accessory for weddings too. Create your own bouquet of flowers and display them in a mason jar for a beautiful homespun feel. This will look great next to your rustic champagne pitcher.

You can also use mini champagne bottles to display the guests' table numbers, which will kick off the event in a festive way. Mini champagne bottles aren't that expensive either. According to the video above, this trick can be done for under four dollars per person.

You can also try turning your champagne bar into an Italian frozen cocktail bar. You just need champagne, sorbet and limoncello for this unique treat. Happy happy hour!

Watch the video above to learn how to make DIY champagne bars for your wedding.