There Might Be A Shortage of This Hugely Popular Superfood

Say it isn't so! It's being reported that there might be a kale shortage soon. Kale has certainly become a vegetable du jour, especially among superfoods, but now there may not be enough seeds to sustain the global demand for the trendy, leafy vegetable.

Bejo Seeds, one of the largest kale seed suppliers in Australia, has run out of kale seeds to provide to farmers around the world, according to ABC News Australia. The demand for kale has grown so massive that farmers who ordinary planted 1,500 kale seedlings a few years ago now have to plant up to 150,000 each week. Where farmers used to plant leeks and red cabbages, now they only plant kale, Modern Farmer has reported. However, Modern Farmer also says that it's uncertain how Australia's kale shortage will impact the U.S. specifically.

Kale isn't the only food that's been threatened by shortage. Avocados, limes, coffee, beef and more have been in the spotlight recently for being affected by drought. One recent study even found that food shortages like these would soon become more commonplace.

While kale has been praised for its vitamin C and calcium content, it's important to remember that there are a lot of other vegetables with impressive nutritional value. Broccoli actually has more carotenoids than kale does and is has many cancer-fighting properties. We're not saying you should give up on kale just yet, but just in case the shortage begins to affect us here, it's a good idea to fill your diet with many different vegetables. Grab greens like lettuce and broccoli at the grocery store for a delicious and healthy meal if there's no kale in sight.

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