Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas
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Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

With so much to cook over Thanksgiving it's easy to forget about the aesthetic of the table. Read on for some great ideas to make the dinner table look splendid.

Image Credit: Courtney Russell

Fall Leaf Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas

Here we've taken autumn's falling leaves in a slightly different direction. This centerpiece requires more time up front, but the beautiful thing about it is that you could pack it away and use it year after year.

Image Credit: Courtney Russell

Modern Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Here we move away from the traditional autumn colors and let blue take the unexpected spotlight, giving your table a sophisticated modern look.

Image Credit: Courtney Russell

Tin Can Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

We repurposed cans from your feast preparation and use them as flower vases, allowing them to set a home-spun theme for your table.

Image Credit: Courtney Russell

Thanksgiving Table Decorations From Hollidash

Want to wow your guests this holiday season? Beautiful doesn't have to mean complex -- sometimes less is more.

Image Credit: Seth Smoot

Thanksgiving Tables For Everyone From Hollidash

Think you don't have the decorative skills to properly gussy up your table? Stop worrying -- all it takes is a few special touches to take your Thanksgiving table from functional to fabulous.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Fall Centerpieces On Hollidash

Elevate your the holiday with a centerpiece inspired by the harvest season. Yes, some are for the arts-and-crafts aficionado, but others are so easy anyone can make them!

Image Credit: Martha Stewart Living

Cheap and Easy Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table From ShelterPop

"Cheap" and "easy" just happen to be two of our favorite words when it comes to holiday decorating...

Image Credit: Country Living


After hours (and in some cases days) of slaving away to create a wonderful holiday meal, you want the look of your Thanksgiving table to match your efforts in the kitchen. We've rounded up some great advice and tips on how to create a holiday table as glorious as your meal, from the best way to set a formal table to inexpensive centerpieces that have a great "wow" factor.

Check out the slideshow above for Thanksgiving table decorating ideas.

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