Taylor Hicks Sings the Song of Southern Cooking

Taylor Hicks Sings the Song of Southern Cooking
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Taylor Hicks Sings the Song of Southern Cooking

Do you love Taylor Hicks? Find out what he sees as the connection between music and food and what he loves about Southern cooking.

How did you get into cooking?

"Being from the heart of Dixie, I think [cooking] is around you all the time," says Hicks. "Cooking is second nature for people from the South. I was always in the kitchen because I was always hungry."

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What are your favorite foods to make?

"I like southern homemade spaghetti," Hicks shares. "I love doing pasta dishes, and I like what comes out of the restaurant too. We have a sweet tea fried chicken sandwich."

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What make Southern cooking so special?

"There is a lot of love and it's a little slower paced; The slower pace [creates] more patience, which [leads to] better food," offers Hicks. "Taking the time and paying close attention to detail and having time to do that ultimately [gives you] a better end product. I guess you could say that about anything."

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Do you often sing while cooking?

While Hicks doesn't always hum a tune, he admits, "I've been known to dance around the kitchen."

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What do you think connects music and food?

Hicks believes both cooking and singing are simply forms of entertaining. "Right now, I would like to think that I'm a better performer on stage than a cook, but hopefully they'll run neck to neck sooner rather than later," he says.

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What is your best piece of cooking advice?

"If you are going to cook, allow yourself the time to do it," begins Hicks. "Don't be afraid to experiment. A recipe is like a song. You have to be creative and you never know, you might come out with a hit."

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Who inspired you in the kitchen?

"My great grandmother," Hicks explains. "I think her fried chicken was unmatched. I think it was the only fried chicken that I knew."

Hicks still has her recipe for it.

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What is your favorite restaurant?

"There is a little Italian restaurant in Birmingham called GianMarco's that is my favorite [for] southern Italian," shares Hicks.

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American Idol winner Taylor Hicks isn't just a sensation on stage, he's also a star in the kitchen. The Alabama native owns Saw's Juke Joint in Birmingham, Alabama and recently became part of Taste of Home's new cookbook, Recipes Across America.

The Southern cook submitted his recipes to be considered for the cookbook like all other entrants and two were selected, Taylor's jalapeno poppers and baked oysters with tasso cream.

"I'm pretty honored," says Hicks. "My recipes were tested in the kitchen just like everyone else's and both passed the test." The recipes came from his Birmingham eatery and Hicks admits that they are "pretty famous around this part."

Check out the slideshow above to find out the connection between music and food and what Hicks loves about Southern cooking.

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