Tax Day Food Deals

Tax Day Food Deals
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Tax Day Food Deals

Read on for the best tax day freebies.

Arby's Curly Fries

Free French fries?! Head on over to Arby's to get free curly fries on tax day.

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Boston Market Chicken

Eat your feelings at Boston Market. The restaurant chain is offering two half chicken individual meals for $10.40. The meals include half a rotisserie chicken with a choice of two home style sides and freshly baked cornbread.

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Sonic Drinks

Get half-priced slushies and drinks at Sonic on April 15th.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes

Whisper "tax free" at Sprinkles to participate in a buy one get one free cupcake deal!

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If you purchase something from Chick-fil-A on tax day and hang on to the receipt, you'll be eligible for a refund in May.

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Hard Rock Cafe

Sing a song at the Hard Rock Cafe between 5pm and 7pm and you'll earn a free dinner! This "sing-for-your-supper" deal is happening at 40 Hard Rock Cafe locations.

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Taxes are due every April 15th, which doesn't make it the happiest day of the year.

To ease the burden of doing taxes, many restaurants offer fun food deals. Between slushies, chicken dinners and cupcakes, you'll find a way to brighten up your day after filing taxes.

Check out the slideshow above for the best food deals on tax day.

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