The Taste Winner on Nostalgic Foods

The Taste Winner on Nostalgic Foods
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The Taste Winner on Nostalgic Foods

Find out where The Taste's winner, Khristianne Uy, finds inspiration, her top tricks and tips and why you should cook nostalgic foods.

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It's All In The Taste

"Always taste, taste, taste," asserts Uy. Tasting food along the way is important because it is hard to backtrack once you have over-seasoned. "You can always add salt, but you can never remove it."

The chef recalls most contestants on the show hadn't touched their bucket of spoons for tasting. Meanwhile, hers was always empty.

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Don't Hide Ingredients

"Layer food, don’t mask the ingredient," Uy explains. Use high quality ingredients to enhance flavor.

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Season Thoroughly

"Salt is your friend," offers Uy. "Don’t be scared!"

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Balance Your Meal

Try to achieve sweet, sour and salty in a meal. Uy loves to use vinegar, oils, and aromatics like ginger, herbs and garlic to reach this end.

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Let Nostalgia Inspire You

"I think nostalgia is an inspiration in itself," Uy explains. Flavors of childhood can always bring you back, and it is fun to put your own twist on them. "Instead of making the usual pot roast with potatoes switch it up with turkey legs and use sweet potato," she advises. "Modernize it and bring it to 2013."

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Scour the Farmers Market

"I believe in locality and seasonal ingredients," explains Uy who loves to visit a farmers market and challenge herself to come up with meals based on the fresh ingredients she finds. Unusual ingredients such as fiddlehead ferns and candy cane beets inspire Uy to get creative with her meals.

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC


As the winner of ABC's The Taste,Khristianne Uy proved her masterful ability to please a wide range of tastes and preferences with her meals. "[The Taste] really hit one of every type of mentor from Nigella [Lawson], with her home-cooked meals, to Anthony Bourdain and his risqué, raw type of approach on southeast Asian food [to] Ludo [Lefebvre]'s very aggressive French food and all-Americana [Brian] Malarkey," she explains.

The personal chef not only cooked for diverse palates on the show, but also does so in her day job. She has worked for James Cameron and the royal family of Saudi Arabia and currently serves as the personal chef to Charlie Sheen. Uy (also known as Chef K) plans to share her experiences as a personal chef through a cookbook detailing recipes she created for her clients and stories attached to each. "I formulate recipes for the families or [use] family traditional recipes but [with] my twist on [them]," she says.

Of her win, Uy feels that her career choice has finally been validated. "I remember when I was chopping 100 pound bags of onions, carrots and celery, and now it's like, did I just win?" she says. "My mom is still crying."

Check out the slideshow above to find out where Uy finds inspiration and why you should cook nostalgic foods.

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