Taco Bell Makes a Big Shift in its Menu

Taco Bell Makes a Big Shift in its Menu

Taco Bell is revamping its menu to give its customers something a little healthier. The brand plans to debut new menu items including Greek yogurt with granola on August 4th and a Cantina Power Bowl on July 17th. The bowl, loaded with veggies and full of meat, is protein-packed and less than 500 calories.

The new focus for the brand may be the result of the popularity of the Paleo diet. This bowl features many of the same ingredients as their other offerings, but loads on the meat. And when we say they load on the meat, we mean it. The bowl provides 28 grams of protein and the burrito a whopping 29 grams. With the new Power Bowl and Greek yogurt menu items, the company targets a health-conscious crowd who previously may not have considered eating at the fast food chain.

In a press conference call, the President of Taco Bell, Brian Niccol, said, "People are not looking for diet food. They want food that gives them energy." They plan to put this theory to the test with the new products. The demand for protein is continually on the rise and this menu makeover could open doors for Taco Bell as it beefs up breakfast. The Cantina Power Bowl (and corresponding burrito) range from $3.79 to $5.19 depending on whether you choose chicken or steak. Check it out this week.

Is Taco Bell one of the biggest fast food chains in the world? Find out in the video below!

Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images