Sweeten Summer with Healthy Ice Pops

Sweeten Summer with Healthy Ice Pops
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Sweeten Summer with Healthy Ice Pops

With ice pops this healthy, they don’t have to be just for dessert. Read on to discover our favorite recipes for ice pops.

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Breakfast Ice Pops

These breakfast banana ice pops are sure way to make kids smile, and are a healthy and tropical way to start the morning.

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Breakfast or Dessert Ice Pops

These cocoa ice pops are sweet enough for dessert but healthy enough to be served for breakfast.

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Nutrient-Filled Ice Pops

With all the fiber and nutrients hidden in these berry ice pops, it’s a perfect mini-meal to keep your kids happy between lunch and dinner.

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Fruit Filled Ice Pops

Do your kids love orange creamsicles? These are a Sneaky Chef version, and have the classic orange and vanilla flavoring with a yummy addition of sweet orange purée, so you and your kids are happy with this sweet treat.

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Most people consider ice pops as an after-dinner treat, but when they're turbo-charged with hidden vegetable nutrition, you can really have them at any time of day — even as a light replacement for breakfast or lunch.

Sweeten Summer with Ice Pops

While a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables, these ice pops aren't restricted for adults. Supercharged with nutrition, these pops are refreshing and delicious, making them a great way to nourish your body during the hot summer months.

Check out the slideshow above for healthy popsicle ideas.

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