Sweet Potato Fries: Friend or Foe?

Sweet Potato Fries: Friend or Foe?

These days, sweet potatoes are all the rage. Everywhere you turn, someone is raving about their health benefits. "Sweet potato this and sweet potato that." It's not a stretch either! Sweet potatoes are not only very delicious, but healthy for you. Feeling the winter time blues? Sweet potatoes are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin D, known for its ability to fight seasonal depression by increasing energy and balancing your mood.

There's only one small wrench in the plan with sweet potato fries . . . we hate to be a total buzz kill, but anything you fry in oil? It's likely not going to be that great for you. We know, bummer.

We wanted to take our potato quest a step further to better understand the difference between sweet potato fries and French fries. Is one actually healthier than the other? Is there a way to still enjoy the treat and cut back on the oil and calories? Check out our slideshow above to find out!