Super Bowl Snacks in 30 Minutes or Less

Super Bowl Snacks in 30 Minutes or Less
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Super Bowl Snacks in 30 Minutes or Less

Earn the title of master host and chef in your household come game day. Check out this slideshow to learn snacks you can whip up in the blink of an eye.

Microwave Potato Chips

The ultimate munching snack for any sports game! Make them on your own, in a flash!

Get the recipe: Microwave Potato Chips

Warm Spinach Dip

Don't forget to make this classic, warm and succulent dip! Great for chips, bread and veggie dipping.

Get the recipe: Warm Spinach Dip

White Pizza Bagel Snacks

Bagels make for the perfect snacks. Coat in cheese and veggies to make the perfect bite-size treats!

Get the recipe: White Pizza Bagel Snacks

Lighter Chicken Quesadillas

With all the munching on game day, we found these light, chicken quesadillas that will save a little extra room for other game day delights!

Get the recipe: Lighter Chicken Quesadillas

Ultimate Nachos

Everyone loves nachos! Try this quick and easy beef nacho recipe!

Get the recipe: Ultimate Nachos

Pizza Roll-Ups

The easiest, tastiest game day recipe you can find. You may want to double the recipe; they go quick!

Get the recipe: Pizza Roll-Ups

Fried Cheese Balls

These bite-sized morsels are an absolute must-have on game day.

Get the recipe: Fried Cheese Balls

Chili Con Queso

Quick, easy and zesty don't even do this dip justice. Put this on your must-have menu list for the big day. We promise, it packs flavorful punch into every bite.

Get the recipe: Chili Con Queso

Apple, Sauerkraut & Cheddar Quesadillas

Put a spin on traditional quesadillas with this recipe, or simply add them to the mix! The consistency and mixed flavors come together to create an innovative, savory snack worth making!

Get the recipe: Apple, Sauerkraut & Cheddar Quesadillas

Beef & Cheddar Soft Tacos

Throw these quick soft tacos together for a perfect game day snack. Create a buffet with all the ingredients and let guests choose their own toppings and choice of meat (serve beef, chicken, rice, beans or tofu as great alternative options).

Get the recipe: Beef & Cheddar Soft Tacos


This year's Super Bowl battle between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens may not be uber-rich in rivalry--at least, not between the two teams. However, it will result in the Harbaugh brothers--Jim Harbaugh, of the San Francisco 49ers, and John Harbaugh, of the Baltimore Ravens--going head-to-head. Let the games begin!

To prepare for the most exciting game of the year, there are just a few things to keep in mind. Get the beers on ice, make the clicker is within an arm's reach at all times and make sure a variety of delicious snacks are accessible throughout the game for mindless munching. When it comes to choosing the snacks, aim for recipes that can be made in a flash so if you run out, it takes no time to whip up another batch. Did you run out of queso? No problem. In 20 minutes you'll have a steaming new bowl.

With great snacks, earn the title of master host during football's biggest game of the season. Check out our slideshow above to learn the best snacks that can be made 30 minutes or less, and discover great hosting tips through Super Bowl Parties: Make Yours Family-Friendly from our friends at Homesessive.

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