Super Bowl Party


I'll never forget my very first Super Bowl party, I went a little over the top with game day favors and flavors. In fact, I would go as far to say that I spent as much time on my Super Bowl party planning as I did on Christmas Dinner. We had a crafting table for the children, a flag football game arranged, an outdoor snack stand to make the experience come alive and once the game started we had more dips, and slow cooked dishes than my table would allow for. In the end, what really mattered was the seating, the drinks and that everyone had something to nibble on that did not require a cutlery set. I was 30, I was determined to have the best party of the year, and by the time the ball took flight, I just wanted a nap. I learned two things that year; the first is that no one I know really watches the game (thank goodness because we know nothing about football) and the second is that finger foods make life so much easier, especially when you are entertaining a big crown in a small space.

This year I am taking a lesson from my 30 year old self and embracing the simple, not the complicated, aspects of entertaining a big crowd on game day. I'm calling in all sorts of favors from the children to help me get the food ready, which means that the dishes need to be easy to navigate to ensure that I can focus on getting the décor and drinks ready. I'm not sure which I am more excited about, working with the children on party prep or actually being relaxed enough to sit down and enjoy the half time show.

I've been slightly obsessed with 1920s TV dramas lately, so it came as no surprise to my husband when I started compiling vintage elements for our buffet table. I wanted natural tones, rustic charm and if I could have found them in time, battered football trophies. I love mixing the neutral tones with the bright green astro turf, it reminds me of a stadium from days gone by where everyone wears a flat cap and peanut shells line the stairs. There is a certain, relaxed notion that comes with a party where you are encouraged to eat with your fingers which is why this year our buffet table is full of fun, easy bite size foods set out on a table where you are practically invited to leave a little mess behind.

Check out the slideshow above to see all of the Farm Rich food and decor that make throwing a Super Bowl party easy and fun!

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