Subway Launches Falafel Sandwich

Subway Launches Falafel Sandwich
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Subway Launches Falafel Sandwich

Subway's Falafel Sandwich is a great vegetarian alternative to their more meaty dishes.

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The Falafel Sandwich can be customized to each customer's liking, providing a variety of different toppings and sauces to choose from.

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For a six-inch sandwich, the Falafel Sandwich is a very reasonable $4.75. For a footlong sandwich, the vegetarian meal is $7.50.

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The Falafel Sandwich is topped with cucumber sauce, which keeps the product from being a vegan meal.

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Read on for some other ways to eat vegetarian at Subway.

Image Credit: HillBilly Vegan via Pinterest

Veggie Delite

A healthy fixture on the Subway menu, the Veggie Delite is filled with tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers and onions.

Image Credit: Cooking Light via Pinterest

Egg & Cheese

Subway considers their Egg & Cheese a classic. It makes for a tasty, filling meat-less breakfast.

Image Credit: via Pinterest

Sweet Riblet

Subway tested out more vegetarian sandwiches last year, but never mass-produced them. The Sweet Riblet was among the sandwiches sampled.

Image Credit: HillBilly Vegan via Pinterest

Malibu Greek

Another tested meat-less sandwich, the Malibu Greek had a burger-like bun and gained much of its flavor from its assorted veggie toppings.

Image Credit: Hzcarls via Instagram

Italian Black Bean

Known to sell out, the Italian Black Bean debuted in 2012.

Image Credit: All Vegan.All Delish via Facebook


The Falafel Sandwich has returned to Subway.

Vegetarians and customers seeking something new can now enjoy the classic Mediterranean dish. Filled with veggies and fried chickpea patties, the Falafel Sandwich is then topped with cucumber sauce. The Falafel Sandwich made a brief appearance a few years ago, but now it has returned to east coast Subway restaurants.

Check out the slideshow above for more on Subway's new Falafel Sandwich.

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