Study Finds Packing Lunches Incredibly Stressful

Study Finds Packing Lunches Incredibly Stressful

With all the chatter of unhealthy school lunches and pink slime, it's no wonder that packing lunches is so stressful. A study found that 55 percent of mothers are stressed out by the mere idea of shopping for and packing school lunches.

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Even so, less than half of the parents surveyed actually made lunch for their kids more than three times a week.

Instead, 56 percent of parents go for pre-made items and snacks, rather than making things from scratch. In terms of who is packing what, 55 percent of fathers and 43 percent percent of mothers pack the school lunches.

Not surprisingly, younger parents between the ages of 18 to 34 tend to make their kids' lunch from scratch (69 percent). It must be all those young ones who create adorable bento boxes, stressing out the rest of the mothers. Who wants their kid coming home crying because their baloney sandwich was too plain?

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