The Story Behind the Banana Split

The Story Behind the Banana Split
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There's something about a traditional banana split that gets our heart racing. Could it be the scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream? Maybe it's the whipped cream and warm, tantalizing chocolate sauce? And, don't forget the signature cherry on top. A classic split isn't the same without it. Nuts? Sure, why not. Fruit? Throw that on top as well.

For well over a century, banana splits have been an essential part of American culture. Devoured post-baseball games, at trips to the local mom-and-pop shop or at the pharmacy around the corner, there's simply no wrong time to partake in the split experience.

So, where did this delectable treat come from? How long has it been around?

According to sources such as, banana splits came to life in 1904. Created by David Evans Strickler, a young 23-year-old apprentice at a pharmacy in Pennsylvania, these dishes served in boat-like containers spread like wildfire after becoming popular with local college students. Strickler reportedly loved creating new sundaes. While Strickler was its originator, Walgreens is ultimately credited with spreading banana split's popularity after adopting the dish as its signature dessert.

We know one thing is for certain; you better eat your banana split in a lickety-split; they're so tempting, others will surely reach for a spoon and help themselves!

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