Stick a Fork In it: Chocolate Stress Relief

Stick a Fork In it: Chocolate Stress Relief

Did you ever have one of those days (who are we kidding...weeks, months, years!) where you just can't handle the stress of other people putting demands on you and your personal time so you bake...I like to call it "stress baking". Well it's been a little stressful around here since I've come back from vacation. You see, I'm the ultimate planner, list writer, and schedule keeper. I hate to be late and I hate it even more when I make plans that I have to keep canceling or changing because Joe Blow from So and So company can only come on THAT particular day/time. Well isn't that convenient for you...hello, my name is CUSTOMER! Ok, I think I'm done ranting now.

Learn how to make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins.

In any event, between having to wait for contractors and coordinate schedules between 3-4 different companies at once, all the while having to drive my kids to their sports practices, which keep getting changed as well. Yes, we parents do have lives other than to drive our children back and forth all over town and adding on an extra hour to practice the night before doesn't help matters any. (Oh wait...didn't I say I was done with my rant?!).

So one day I had finally had enough. The "Let's stick a fork in it, I think it's done" kind of day and all I wanted was chocolate. Now I don't crave chocolate often so it's not something I usually keep in the house. It wasn't like I could eat a Twix and call it a day. I saw I had some bananas rotting away and decided to throw in some semi-sweet chocolate chunks I had along with some peanut butter, which I have also been craving lately. These were PERFECT and completely satisfied my craving for something sweet.

Now, if only I didn't have to sit around here for another 3 hours to wait for the plumbing inspector from town to tell me that the gas company (that's been in business since 1938!) did a great job hooking up the gas lines for my stovetop and let them light it up. Yes, my kitchen is done, but I still don't have a working stove. Oh yes, and my grill has a gas leak so I can't use that either. Did I mention hubby has been away for 3 weeks on business too?!. Oh heck, I think I'm just going to go have another muffin! If you don't hear from me, come look for me I may be in a sugar coma. :)

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