Starbucks to Offer Coconut Milk Option to Customers

Starbucks to Offer Coconut Milk Option to Customers

Starbucks has announced its U.S. locations will begin offering coconut milk nationwide on Feb. 17. The non-dairy, non-soy alternative to add to beverages has apparently been in high demand at the coffee chain.

Spokeswoman Sanja Gould told USA Today that adding coconut milk as an option is the second most requested idea from customers that the company has received online.

According to a press release by the company, this idea has generated more than 84,000 votes from customers who agree. "Starbucks will deliver this additional customization with the introduction of Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk, a creamy, delicious alternative to dairy and soy for handcrafted beverages," the press release states. It also adds that this coconut milk is certified vegan and is made from coconuts from the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

CNN notes that this news has already delighted many customers who have taken to social media to express their happiness. (PETA is also pretty excited.)

Starbucks began offering soy milk in 1997. Since then, consumer tastes have evolved and there has been strong demand for other non-dairy alternatives. As a result, other coffee chains have also introduced coconut milk to their menus.

Watch the video above to learn more about the new coconut milk alternative being offered at Starbucks locations nationwide.

Image Credit: Starbucks