Starbucks Is Giving the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

Starbucks Is Giving the Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a Starbucks, order your favorite beverage, and then not have to pay for it—ever? This holiday season, Starbucks is giving the ultimate gift to 14 lucky customers: Starbucks for Life.

According to the coffee chain's website, from now through Jan. 5, 2015, customers who pay using a Starbucks Card or Starbucks mobile app can enter the chain's "It's a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway" to win a number of prizes, including Starbucks for Life. The ultimate prize consists of one free food or beverage item from participating stores, every day for the next 30 years! The grand prize is valued at $54,000.

Time points out that 10 of these customers will come from the U.S., while 3 will come from Canada and 1 will be chosen from the U.K.

Sharon Rothstein, the company's global chief marketing officer, says that Starbucks is excited to make this ultimate gift a reality for "a special group of Starbucks customers. And, the prizes will keep coming throughout the holiday season with more than 482,000 instant winners."

Those who win the ultimate prize will be given the Ultimate Starbucks Card, shown above, which is made of 10-karat hammered gold and has an estimated value of $5,000. The lucky winners will get their names engraved on their cards, and according to Starbucks, it's the most exclusive Starbucks Card ever made.

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Image Credit: Starbucks