Snacking All-Stars: The 15 Cheapest Snacks

Snacking All-Stars: The 15 Cheapest Snacks

Whatever happens to be your favorite fourth, fifth or sixth meal of the day, snacking gives you the option to indulge in your favorite foods however and whenever you please. The perfect snacks are easy to make, travel-friendly and satisfying to eat.

We also believe the perfect snack is budget-friendly, so we collected our favorite 15 snack recipes that cost little to make. For about 16 cents, you can make one serving of popcorn - and with the money left over, you can snazz it up with some seriously gourmet toppings. Our take on deviled eggs will cost you under a quarter to make one serving!

Check out the slideshow above to discover 15 cheap snack recipes.

NOTE: Prices may vary based on grocery store and region.