Seven Extraordinary Oatmeal Recipes from Samantha Stephens

Samantha Stephens, the mastermind behind the world's first oatmeal bar, OatMeals in New York City, knows how to make oatmeal extra delicious.

"I've been working on [OatMeals's] menu for years, but when I used to eat oatmeal in college, originally I would just eat it with skim milk and some kind of artificial sweetener. But then I just thought of different ways to jazz it up," shares Sam. Since then, Sam has expanded her repertoire to include unusual creations like a savory oatmeal with cheese and bacon and even an oatmeal salad with dried cranberries and fresh apples.

As Creative Oatmeal Officer for Quaker Oats, Sam created seven recipes that boost ordinary oatmeal into tasty creations. These out-of-the-box recipes are easy to prepare and will have you looking at the breakfast staple in a whole new light.

Check out the slideshow above to discover seven unique oatmeal recipes from Samantha Stephens.