Set a Table of Gratitude with Printable Thankful Notes

Set a Table of Gratitude with Printable Thankful Notes

Thanksgiving is a holiday abundant with tradition and we all savor something different and special. Some people love baking pies, setting the table or mashing the potatoes. Others wait all year to see dear friends and family from out of town. We also know a few people who just look forward to the football games. Regardless of your favorite tradition, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share feelings of gratitude and create memories.

This year we've teamed up with AOL Mail and created a printable momento to add to your Thanksgiving traditions.

Click to download these Thankful Notes, print them out on cardstock and trim along the dotted lines. On Thanksgiving, simply place them on plates around the table and invite your guests to write down their feelings of gratitude. Before, during or after the meal you can go around the table, reading the thankful sentiments out loud.

Another fun way to get your guests to partake in the thankful fun while staying anonymous is to toss the notes in a basket and mix them up before reading aloud. Some families even try to guess who wrote which Thankful Note if you really want to make a game out of it! We've heard this is a particularly fun activity after the main meal, but before pie - when guests only "have room" for another glass of wine.

We know many families and friends will be celebrating from afar this year, so AOL Mail has created some special email Thanksgiving Stationery for you, too. The fresh designs - Flora, Harvest and Topiary - set the perfect tone for sending notes of love and gratitude to those far and near.

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