Secrets To Smooth Fudge

Secrets To Smooth Fudge
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Secrets To Smooth Fudge

Fudge is easy to fudge. Read on and learn how to the make it perfectly every time.

Follow The Directions

Following directions seems like a no-brainer, but, unlike simple lunch or dinner recipes, the timing actually matters when making fudge. So, read the your fudge recipe directions carefully!

Sugar Crystals

When sugar crystals form at the wrong time, the consistency of the fudge becomes slightly grainy. Fudge should be creamy and smooth, so the trick to great fudge is preventing the formation of those crystals.

Stir Appropriately

How do you prevent the formation of sugar crystals? Make sure to avoid vigorous stirring at the wrong time, which will promote the formation of the sugar crystals in fudge. Again, make sure to read the directions.

Cover The Sauce Pan

Once the mixture heats up, make sure to cover up the sauce pan. This will also help to prevent the formation of sugar crystals by keeping the steam in the sides of the pan.


Use a candy thermometer to accurately measure the temperature of the mixture. Since temperatures actually matter when making fudge, keeping a thermometer handy is essential.

Let It Cool

When leaving the fudge to cool, don't stir it! Leaving the hot mixture alone will help to prevent sugar crystals.

Fudge Recipes

Looking for holiday fudge recipes?


Fudge is delicious and a great holiday gift to make for friends and family.

Boiling sugar, cream and chocolate seems easy right? While fudge isn't made up of many ingredients, it's still tricky to make sure it turns out smooth. Don't fret though, we've gathered some great tips to make sure you don't fudge the fudge.

Check out the slideshow above for secrets to keep fudge smooth and tasty.

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