The Secret to Roasting a Flavorful Chicken Breast

The Secret to Roasting a Flavorful Chicken Breast

Roast chicken makes for such a lovely Sunday dinner, but not when the roasted chicken comes out dry. However, it's easy to prepare a moist, delicious roast chicken with this simple trick.

According to Thomas Joseph in the video above, the first step to ensuring that your chicken doesn't turn out dry is buying the right chicken. It is that simple! Be sure to buy bone-in chicken breasts that still have the skin on. The bone and skin help to make a flavorful chicken breast by keeping the moisture inside the cooking bird. Once you have the right type of chicken breasts, season them liberally with salt and pepper on both sides. As shown in the video, he prefers to roast chicken on a wire rack so that the breasts cook evenly.

Place the breasts into the oven at 375 degrees for around 30 to 35 minutes until the internal temperature is 165. Once cooked, you can remove the skin and the bone from the chicken if you enjoy eating skinless and boneless chicken. Then, slice the chicken into nice pieces, which can be eaten over salads, in sandwiches or even tossed with pasta. The chicken also tastes lovely on its own! If you like the skin on the chicken, then just slice the bone away before serving. Thomas Joseph likes to serve his chicken with some fresh herbs and watercress.

Watch the video above to see the secret to roasting a flavorful chicken breast in action.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart