Secret Ingredients: 5 DIY Herb and Spice Blends You'll Love

Spice up your food (literally!) with five homemade herb and spice blends. They take seconds to make but will completely change the way you cook.

Almost everyone has a cabinet or drawer filled with herbs and spices that hardly see the light of day. Instead of using a pinch of this or that, turn those herbs and spices into custom blends that will be your secret weapon in the kitchen. We've got five delicious spice mixes including homemade ranch for salad dressings and dry rubs, a tomato sauce blend and a classic BBQ rub for meats of all kinds. All you have to do is mix them together, store them in a (labeled) airtight container and season away!

To see what five homemade herb and spice bends we're integrating into the daily cooking mix, check out our slideshow above!

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