The Secret To Cooking Juicy Pork Chops Without the Fat

By: Hilary Meyer

Pork chops are one of my favorite meats to grill. They're quick-cooking and relatively cheap, but they haven't always been so well received. The popularity of pork took a nosedive in the 1970s because people were concerned about fat. To quell their fears, producers bred leaner pigs, so the pork we're eating today is much healthier (has less fat) than the pork you could buy 30 years ago. But this healthier pork is a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to lean cuts of meat like pork chops—good in that it's healthier for us because it's lower in fat, but bad in the flavor department. Fat helps meat stay juicy and flavorful when it's cooked. Is there a way to enjoy juicy pork chops with less fat? Yes!

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to cook pork chops without the fat and also discover our favorite pork chop recipes.

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