Ruby Tuesday To Unveil Pretzel Burger

Ruby Tuesday To Unveil Pretzel Burger

It seems like the burger bun is growing stale in the fast food world.

Pretzels are slowly emerging as the next staple to hold a sandwich together. Ruby Tuesday is the latest chain to unveil a line of pretzel burgers. Following in the footsteps of Wendy's pretzel bacon cheeseburger, Ruby Tuesday will offer four new items: Spicy Jalapeno Pretzel Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheese Pretzel Burger, Portobello Crispy Onion Pretzel Cheeseburger and the Black and Blue Bacon Pretzel Burger.

Wendy's saw an increase in revenue once they began adding more unique items like flatbread with their chicken sandwich.

This is not the first time that fast food chains have creatively inserted new types of buns in their foods. Taco Bell created a Doritos shell in 2012 and even plans to produce a waffle taco in 2014.In 2010 KFC created the infamous Double Down, which replaced bread with fried chicken.

Only time will tell if consumers will eat up Ruby Tuesday's pretzel burgers starting August 12th.

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