Ridiculously Expensive Kitchen Appliances

Ridiculously Expensive Kitchen Appliances
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Ridiculously Expensive Kitchen Appliances

From a built-in rotisserie to dishwashers that can wash Riedel wine glasses, browse through these ridiculously expensive kitchen appliances!


This gem from La Cornue that makes you wish you had all the money in the world — the built-in, open-faced Flamberge Rotisserie. The photo speaks for itself, but in case you want to want this even more, just know that food can be slow-roasted on spits or placed in a fish basket.

Credit: La Cornue

Stove and Range: The Island

La Cornue, the esteemed French artisan producer of handmade custom ranges, sells this island range and stovetop with solid walnut drawers for a suggested retail price of $103,150 as pictured at left. For an additional price, a two-line inscription can also be added.

Credit: La Cornue


Useful for warming soup, reheating leftovers, or making tea, this microwave outdoes all others in its class. It comes with a pizza pan and high and low racks, and it's actually is also a high-speed oven with the ability to bake, roast, or broil foods.

Credit: Electrolux


This recently released series is a new line of Miele dishwashers that are part of the Futura Crystal model line. One of the best features of the new design is that it can safely clean Riedel wine glasses without breaking them.

Credit: Miele


The new smart fridge from Samsung comes with an 8-inch LCD color touch screen, Wi-Fi-enabled of course, that comes with apps to help making cooking and grocery shopping easy.

Credit: Samsung

Coffee System

A built-in coffee unit with a plumbed-in water connection, this system comes with an optional warming drawer. It also features a frothing system with an integrated milk tank, adjustable cup size, and grinder settings for the easy price of $3,099.

Credit: Miele

Walk-In Beer Fridge

For those who want a bodega or 7-Eleven in their house, this walk-in brew cave is a cooler and kegerator all in one. It can hold more than 30 cases of beer and 4 or more kegs.

Credit: Kegworks

Professional Wine Cellar

The luxury of a customized, built-in, 960-bottle oak wine cooler is not something that most people have in their houses. But for just $14,770, this stunning model could be yours.

Credit: Vinotemp


For passionate home cooks, the fantasy of cooking in a gorgeous, spacious kitchen with top-notch equipment is one that is often provoked by flipping through the pages of Architectural Digest or watching a cooking show. Whether it's a French country-style kitchen with quaint cabinets or a sleek, modern kitchen that occupies the day dream, these ideal work spaces come at a high cost.

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After a brief discussion of what a dream kitchen would actually cost, The Daily Meal decided to take a look at what one ridiculously expensive kitchen would amount to. Of course, this is not a complete collection of equipment that would necessarily match or go together, but these are some of the priciest appliances and tools that we could find.

We used Yahoo! Shopping to compare prices for equipment for the home cook and some crowd-sourcing information from Facebook fans, and the results revealed a variety of gorgeous, high-tech, and almost magical-seeming equipment. A gorgeous La Cornue island handmade outside of Paris for $100,000? Yes please. A refrigerator with a touch screen and the ability to tell you when food is going bad? Sure, why not.

Of course, prices are subject to variations and sales, though probably not on the La Cornue products. And there might be even more ludicrously expensive kitchen parts out there (like this $4 million stove), but here's a sample of what your dream kitchen could cost.

From a built-in rotisserie to dishwashers that can wash Riedel wine glasses, browse through the bits and pieces we wish were in our kitchen. Check out the slideshow above for ridiculously expensive kitchen appliances!

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