This Restaurant Owner Chooses to Let Customers Name Their Own Price

Wouldn't it be great if you could go to a restaurant and decide what you want to pay for your meal? One restaurant owner in North Carolina is allowing customers to do just that.

Dana Parris, 52, owner of Just Cookin in Dallas, told the Gaston Gazette that business had slowed down over the summer, and since then she'd been praying to God about her restaurant. "He just came to me and said I don't need to do it, I need to let him do it," she told the publication. "The way I could show I was giving God control was to give him control of the cash register."

To enact her new pricing policy, Parris put a sign on the register that says "What are we worth? I am putting my faith where my cash register is ... No prices ... no totals ... you pay what you think your meal is worth!!!"

Many loyal customers are supportive of the owner's decision. According to the Gaston Gazette, Jerry Scruggs often starts his day with breakfast at Just Cookin, and says that he thinks it's great to see someone like Parris testing her faith and showing trust in her customers.

Customers aren't stiffing her either. Parris told the Gazette that a nurse came into the restaurant without enough cash to pay, but two days later returned and put down $20 for the same meal.

Parris says that in the first week of letting customers choose what to pay, she nearly tripled her revenue, causing her to adopt the policy indefinitely.

"I think I'm just going to keep it going," Parris told ABC News. "I'm not sure about actual profits yet, but our revenues have almost tripled and my guest checks [number of people coming in] have tripled also," she said. "I'm amazed. It's awesome."

Watch the video above to learn more about the effect letting customers choose their price has had on the business.

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​Image Credit: John Clark, Gaston Gazette

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