This Restaurant Has an 8,000 Calorie Breakfast

It's a common belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One restaurant in Britain may have taken that claim a little too seriously. Thanks to their 8,000-calorie breakfast, the Bear Grills Cafe and Sandwich Bar has grown infamous for the Hibernator, a meal that probably derives its name from the long nap it requires upon finishing it.

Britain is known for its classic fry-up, which often includes a hearty meal of sausage, bacon eggs, beans and mushrooms or tomatoes. The Hibernator makes an ordinary fry-up look like diet food. Complete with eight sausages, eight pieces of bacon, four fried eggs, four hash browns, four waffles, four pieces of toast, a four-egg cheese omelet, four pieces of fried bread, four pieces of black pudding, two ladles of tomatoes, two ladles of beans, mushrooms and French fries, the Hibernator even comes with a two-pint milkshake to wash it all down.

The restaurant requires that customers be 18 or older and sign a waiver before they order the behemoth of a meal, which costs $25.18. Considering that the Hibernator contains four times more calories than a grown man requires in a day, it's pretty impressive that almost 20 people have already attempted to finish it. Should one brave individual finish the Hibernator, the restaurant plans to give him or her £100 ($162). Kids need not feel left out, there's a mini version for children too!

Image Credit: Facebook via Bear Grills

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