Reel Meals: An Out-Of-This-World Independence Day Picnic

Reel Meals: An Out-Of-This-World Independence Day Picnic
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Reel Meals: An Out-Of-This-World Independence Day Picnic

Try these American favorites and watch Independence Day this Fourth of July.

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Creamy Potato Salad

Tossing potatoes with a little good vinegar while they are still warm infuses them with flavor. Capers, gherkins and a touch of anchovy give this old-fashioned salad a piquant finish, while red bell pepper and celery give it an appealing crunch.

Get the Recipe: Creamy Potato Salad

Cheese-Stuffed Grilled Peppers

We love this snack for backyard barbecues. Try using all types of medium-sized peppers: As the peppers blister, the cheese mixture tucked inside turns warm and gooey.

Get the Recipe: Cheese-Stuffed Grilled Peppers

Spicy and Sticky Baby Back Ribs

To create the flavorings for these ribs, combine five spices for a rub and prepare a barbecue sauce with canned beef broth.

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Lentil Burger

Walnuts and fresh marjoram accent these vegan lentil burgers. Substitute oregano for marjoram if you like. Serve with a smear of whole-grain mustard and roasted sweet potato wedges.

Get the Recipe: Lentil Burger

Minted Watermelon Popsicles

These popsicles are a great fat-free snack, made with lots of naturally sweet watermelon and only a little sugar. They can be frozen in special popsicle molds or in standard ice cube trays (three cubes equals one serving).

Get the Recipe: Minted Watermelon Popsicles

Red, White, and Blue Mini Cheesecakes

These adorable red, white and blue mini cheesecakes are the perfect bite-size treats to end your Fourth of July meal.

Get the Recipe: Red, White, and Blue Mini Cheesecakes


This Fourth of July we celebrate with classic American favorites like potato salad, ribs and cupcakes as well as a classic blockbuster, Independence Day. Just 17 years ago this alien-packed action flick debuted and skyrocketed Will Smith's career.

While fighting aliens, Smith transformed from a small screen star to a big screen superstar. Similarly turn your star July 4th menu into a superstar menu with these meal ideas.

Check out the slideshow above for a July 4th menu that will draw the aliens right in.

For more on Independence Day, check out Have an All-American, Alien-Infested Picnic With 'Independence Day' from our friends at Moviefone.

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