Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming

Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Oreo cookies will come in a limited edition Red Velvet flavor!

The cookie will hit U.S. store shelves on February 2 and may only be available for six to eight weeks. The Chicago Tribune reports rumors about the new flavor started several months before its launch back in fall 2014.

According to Good Morning America, it took 18 months to perfect the cookie, which is a take on a classic Southern dessert and is composed of red velvet cookies with cream cheese-flavored crème in the middle.

It has been more than ten years since Oreo last had a new cookie color, when the Golden Oreo debuted in 2004, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The retail price of a package of Red Velvet cookies will be $4.49, the same as regular Oreos but with four less cookies per package.

Early taste tests have had mixed results. The staff at People found that the new flavor "does not taste like real red velvet cake," but "the flavors do work together." Editors at Good Morning America found the cookie to taste similar to regular Oreos and the filling "creamier and sweeter, but no taste of cream cheese."

Can't wait to try the new flavor? Mondelez will be giving away 20,000 samples to fans who sign up at by Jan. 22.

Image Credit: Oreo via Twitter