Welcome Back To School Cake

Serving Size: 16
Prep Time:
Total Time:


  • 2 (19.6 ounces each) Pepperidge Farm® Vanilla 3 Layer Cake, thawed according to package
  • 4 strawberry twists
  • assorted decorating gel (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • assorted colored sugar (red, yellow)
  • candy-coated fruit-flavored piece


Trim one edge of the Styrofoam plate even with the cake, using scissors. Repeat with the other cake. Place these two sides together.

Smooth the frosting where the cakes are joined, using a metal spatula dipped in water. Smooth the frosting on the sides of the cake.

Make an outline of a "chalkboard" on the top of the cake, using the strawberry twists. With green gel, write "Welcome Back" or "Back to School" in the center. Add apples, notebooks, pencils, etc., using the gels.

Add 1-2-3 along the right side of the cake between the chalkboard and the edge, using the gels. Add A-B-C on the left side. Sprinkle with colored sugars, as desired.

Decorate the sides of the cake with fruit-flavored pieces.

Recipe Note: Use your imagination to create your own special Back to School Cake. Craft stores have a variety of cake decorations, frostings and gels that make cake decorating fun.