Sweet Thang


Like most of us, my sweet tooth gets out of control A LOT. Additionally, like most of us, I had never really thought of a grilled cheese as something sweet to eat at the end of a meal. After this, my mind changed, and hopefully after you try this, your mind will change too!

So, what makes this sweet and salty combo so dang good?


  • cinnamon raisin bread
  • goat cheese (capricho de cabra goat cheese is what i used)
  • real butter
  • sliced almond
  • tulepo honey (optional)


  1. After I got all my ingredients I went ahead and spread a heaping amount of goat cheese to each slice of bread. Depending on your fondness to this tart cheese, use as much as you'd like. I LOVE IT, so I laid it on heavily.
  2. Next, I added a layer of the sliced almonds (If you'd like you can add the honey at this point. I totally would have but I ran out). Then stick'em together!
  3. After that, butter that baby and stick it on your skillet with the burner set to medium heat.
  4. As this little guy heats up the butter will start to sizzle and the cinnamon sugar from the bread will caramelize and become extra yummy and pretty.
  5. After it's nice and golden on each side and the goat cheese has softed, go ahead and pull the sammie off the skillet. You're going to want to slice it as quick as possible because it just smells so good!


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