Homemade Lunchable

Serving Size: 1

This is my version of a healthified Ham & Cheese Lunchable. Yes, there are about 15 more calories in my Lunchable vs. the actual Ham & Cheddar Lunchable, but... it's probably half the price and I know exactly what's in it. Plus, I added a fruit and a vegetable to boot!

After all, the whole goal here was a more well-rounded lunch than what you buy in a box pre-packaged at the store. What's even better? You can make a weeks worth of these ahead of time and have them ready to grab-and-go!


  • 6 Organic Whole Wheat 'Golden' Crackers
  • 1 Slice (1 Oz.) Reduced Sodium Deli Ham, Cut Cutely
  • 1 Slice Reduced Fat 2% Colby Cheese, Cut Cutely
  • 0.5 Pink Lady Apple, Sliced
  • 0.5 cup (About 10) Mini Carrots
  • 6 Organic Animal Cookies (I used Annie's Homegrown.)
  • 1 Pack Organic Fruit Snacks


Pack everything nicely. I like to separate things with fun colored cupcake liners. Be sure to pack everything with an ice pack to keep the meat and cheese nice and cool until lunchtime!

Relax while your little one enjoys a healthy and well rounded lunch. I also send this lunch off with a container of water and an 'Honest Kids' juice pack.

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