Caramel deLite Popcorn

Caramel deLite Popcorn

The long wait is over!  It’s that glorious time of the year again where simply walking into a grocery store becomes a battle of self-control and will power!  Cute little faces and hopeful eyes, tempting and torturing me with their innocent smiles and evil, evil cookies!

I try to ignore them, and I do a pretty good job until I see the pinnacle of all GS Cookies..the Samoa (also known as Caramel deLites)! They get me every time! That flavor combo is just to die for and I turn to spineless mush!  Five-ish boxes later, I decided that I needed to incorporate those winning flavors into something that I can feel good about eating. Just to bridge the gap between cookies.

This popcorn seemed like a nice, quick and simple way to enjoy that Samoa flavor, while easily convincing myself that eating 3 pounds of it is somehow healthy.


  • caramel popcorn (store-bought, or you can make your own)
  • chocolate bark for melting, to taste
  • toasted coconut, to taste


  1. Simply drizzle the Caramel Popcorn with some melted Chocolate, and top it with Toasted Coconut!

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