Ready For A Vending Machine Full Of Salad?

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Ready For A Vending Machine Full Of Salad?
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Ready For A Vending Machine Full Of Salad?

Read on to learn more about how Farmer's Fridge is putting salads into vending machines.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Farmer's Fridge debuted its salads at the Garvey Food Court in Chicago.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Since the company doesn't sell the salads from behind a counter, Farmer's Fridge salads can cost as little as $6.99.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Luke Saunders says that the inspiration for Farmer's Fridge came to him while he was traveling a lot for work and wishing he had more nutritional options. Saunders explains, "There were never any fast, healthy options. I was leaving the gym one day and there was some healthy food in my fridge and I thought, if this was more accessible, I'd buy it all the time."

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Saunders has worked in neighborhoods without decent food options. He knew that setting up restaurants wouldn't make as much as much of an impact as putting in a machine to dispense healthy food, and so he did!

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

To keep everything fresh, the salads are prepared at five in the morning and then delivered to the machine by 10. All the food that doesn't sell is donated to a charity the next day.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Saunders chose Chicago for his salad experiment because he knew that the Garvey mall didn't have a lot of healthy options.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

The salads are sold in jars to maintain the maximum amount of freshness.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

In addition to providing busy lunch-goers with a delicious and healthy meal, Saunders aims to make his salads as fresh as possible, especially in comparison to his competitors. Saunders explains, "Most of the pre-made salads out there are way older than 24 hours. They're made in a large commercial kitchen and between transportation and shelf time, they're out for a week. They use pre-cut lettuce. We're so much fresher to begin with."

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

Eventually, Saunders hopes to branch out and add soups to his vending machine menu.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge

To fit with the sustainable model, the salad jars are recyclable.

Image Courtesy: Farmer's Fridge


Vending machines don't have the best reputation for nutritious food.

That's what Farmer's Fridge is trying to change. Using organic, nutrient-packed and often locally sourced ingredients, the company prepares salads, snacks and breakfast items in recyclable plastic jars delivered to a vending machine every day.

With delicious salads filled with fresh spinach, corn, peas, broccoli, chickpeas and more, one can only hope that Farmer's Fridge comes to a town near you.

Check out the slideshow above to learn where the first Farmer's Fridge is located and who's behind the unique vending machine.

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