Pizza Delivery Man Surprised With $2,000 Tip

Pizza Delivery Man Surprised With $2,000 Tip

Another pizza delivery driver tip makes headlines, and this time, it's over much more than seven dollars.

Maybe it's the recent outrage prompted by a Massachusetts car dealership that shamed a pizza delivery guy into returning what he thought was a $7 tip that inspired an Ohio real estate company to go the other way when its employees ordered pizzas for a conference.

Delivery man Robert Dunn from Pizza House quietly hands off the pies to minimize the interruption during the conference, and when an employee calls him back it at first seems like it might be another humiliation.

Instead, the conference attendees surprise Dunn with gift cards, thank you notes and a $2,084 tip.

The real estate agent who posted the video says roughly 250 employees at the conference decided they wanted to show their appreciation for someone in the service industry and just emptied their pockets of whatever they had.

"It was sort of an impromptu thing. They decided to do it partially in response to the berating of a pizza guy at a car dealership," Stacey McVey, team leader of Keller-Williams Realty, greater Cleveland West, told ABC News. "It was just talked about quickly and the whole room decided it would be something really fun to do. Everybody deserves something nice, and it really is so easy in a few minutes to make an impact on somebody's life."

Dunn told his manager he was blown away and called the delivery "life-changing."

Watch the video above to see how a real estate company surprises a pizza delivery man with a $2,000 tip.